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Greetings and Welcome to Diablo 3 Disciples (D3D) We are a New Clan for Diablo 3 and trying to recruit new member's, if you are interested please register by clicking here and post an Introduction by clicking here.

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Forum Announcement
The Disciples Clan Roster
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marijuana and how fucking awesome it can be
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Fuzzy's Intro
marijuana and how fucking awesome it can be

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 Forum Announcement

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PostSubject: Forum Announcement   Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:09 pm

Greetings Fellow Diablo III Fans

We are here to share and help other Diablo III Players around the World. We decided to call ourselfs a clan, because we are providing a Forum to share; Our Skills for individual character's, friends can visit and post related topics in the Forum sections provided, and just have fun killing monsters in the battle field like everyone else does.

If you are new to the Diablo Series, and would like to learn some new skills for your type of character. You have came to the right place. You are able to make new friends, and have fun playing with them!

We are a group of people that are big fans of the Diablo Series. So basically we want to band together to conquer the forces of evil in Diablo III.
We've had a bunch of fun so far in this epic journey and we would like to have you with us. The more people we have the better. So, if you like Diablo III as much as we do.
Register we would be delighted to have you with us! Other than that the game is why we are here we love to play and help each other.

Here is what we offer

  • The Disciples Hangout

  1. You can post anything you want in the Gossip section of the Forums
  2. If you have something that's just grinding your gears in the game/forum you can post in the Rant & Raves section!

  • The Disciples Call

  1. Wanna check out something that new? check out the General News and Updates Section.
  2. Keep yourself updated in the section Rules, and Announcements for the Clan/Forum!
  3. If you are not registered, please register and post your introduction in the "Fresh Meat" Introductions section!
  4. Have some Strategy and Tactics to stay alive, farm gold, etc. Share in the Strategy and Tactics Section!
  5. Have anything that you want to discuss about the forum and/or Diablo III? Post away in the General Discussions Section!

  • The Disciples Builds

  1. Have some builds that you wanna check out and see if they work, or have and builds that you would like to share with everyone? Goto the Disciples Builds Section! NOTE: Forum is new, we currently don't have anything at the moment, but. If you register and help. It would be very appreciated.

  •  Other

  1. Have any problems regarding the Forum or Diablo III? Goto Tech Support and we will help assist you.
  2. If you have any ideas how to improve out Forum with any Suggestion that come up, please put and share in the Suggestions Section!
  3. You see any bugs running around in the Forums, please goto Bug Report and post the bug!
  4. Need any help that isn't related to the Forum/Diablo III? Goto Need Help? Section and we will assist you if we can!

Forum Rules
To keep the peace in the Forums. We have Administrators and Moderators, please try to play well with others.

  • Please be kind and Nice to all members.
  • We do not mind "bad-words", but please don't over do it.
  • NO posting of other forum/sites (unless it deals with the Topic you are posting on). with that being said DO NOT promote other forums/site.
  • Slander or "badmouthing" members WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in a Permanent Ban!
  • We understand that we are human and make mistakes. So we will give you a warning first. 
  • Spamming the Forum is NOT tolerated. Please post in the correct section(s) of the Forums related to the Topic(s).    

Unless it is a direct violation or these rules

NOTE: All warnings issued is through via Private Message (PM) from our D3Disciples Staff (Administrators/Moderators)
Failure to comply will result in a Instant Permanent Ban from this Forum without any warnings!

  1. First Warning = 24 hour Ban
  2. Second Warning = 48 hour Ban
  3. Third Warning (Final Warning) = Permanent Ban

Becoming A Full Member
If you would like to join our clan. First, you must be active within the forum, and Diablo III. Second, you must place D3D tag at the end of your battletag to represent our clan in Diablo III.

To start, please register, post an introduction.

D3Disciples Leaderboard

Clan Founder

Clan Co-Founder


 Thank You for your visit and we hope you enjoy your time being here!
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Forum Announcement
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